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Siding Installation Colorado Springs

First impressions stick. Make sure your home’s exterior is leaving a good one! Viking Roofing provides expert clapboard and vinyl siding installation in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding communities. We utilize the same values and principles for our siding installation as we do for our roofing - communicate well, do the work quickly, keep the site clean, and don’t cut corners. 


Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and textures, ensuring that your preferences can be found. Get a beautiful facelift to match the style and contours of your home. Because vinyl siding has such a long life span (from 60 - 100 years!), your investment will far outweigh the costs you would have to pay to repaint your home every few years. 


Siding also provides excellent weather protection for your home. Vinyl siding is constructed to withstand severe weather such as wind and hail, both quite typical in Colorado Springs. 

Clapboard Siding Installation

Clapboard siding has been around for centuries in America. These overlapping wood planks provide a simple, yet beautiful protection for your home. Some clapboard siding now comes in composite wood planks, providing even more durability. 


Call Viking Roofing for a quick and easy quote on your siding installation in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We also travel to Castle Rock, Pueblo and Woodland Park for any siding or roofing needs. 


Our extensive experience dealing with insurance companies allows us to seamlessly complete your project as we help you navigate the headaches of home insurance claims. Responsive and fast, we’ll make sure to get you on your way to a stress-free process and a beautiful new look.

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